At last clean tee we ‘Keep it clean.’  That means that we work hard to regularly release seasonless capsule collections to keep you updated with something fresh.

We ask you to wear your tee like it was your last, with as much care as we put into creating it.


Our garments come from what we love, If we wouldn’t wear it ourselves it wont go on sale. We say thank you to our loyal following that has helped us to grow into our own sub-culture that loves the LCT movement just as much as we do.

about us.

Our London based designers pay honour to our UK heritage with influences from a wide range of styles throughout eras from the 70’s to present. We learn from sub-cultures including terrace fashion and 80s football casuals as well as classic skate & streetwear. We then hand pick our favourite elements and by adding in our own spark, create a clean modern aesthetic that gives a subtle nod to the past.


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